Integrative Nourishing Now

harmony with existence

Reconnecting True Nature

Clearing the Spring: Unity Breath

This calming session focuses on "mending the heart mind" through reconnecting intentional journey work.

1-2 hrs. $210

Make a Wish: Cultivating True Source

Expand your conversation by allowing Life-Scape "redesigning" to process an unraveling of life-layers by interweaving a personal foundation that incorporates Divination. A platform to deeply nourish your Light-Body Presence.

1/2 day $245

Rise Up Shining: Walking Each Other Home

Through vulnerable strength, cultivate a mindfulness compassion for our changing world by developing a contemplative grounding practice. Unity in daily life deepens our commitment toward self understanding and personal transformation allows us to live authentically, supporting a lasting, positive posture: Harmony with Existence

1 day $425


In person sessions in the forest yurt. Online sessions available.


Forest Yurt Retreats