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About Reiki Energetics & Qi Gong

Reiki Attunement I & ll

Reconnect with your natural Spirit flow, begin a personal journey, learning how to become a clear conduit for Life Force Energy: Reiki. A Oneness Way.


Reiki Attunement III

Reiki Mastery III, continues an experiential approach into Self Awareness, deepening an understanding of this Ancient practice, while facilitating natural wellness levels for yourself and your clients.


About Qi Gong / Cultivating Life Force

There are many styles of Qi Gong with various spellings. May we Honor the many masters of these ancient practices.

Simply shared, Qi Gong is Life Force cultivation, a system of coordinated body postures, movements, breathing, & meditation used for such purposes as: health, Spirituality, increasing life force/Qi, oxygenation in tissues, presence awareness & much more.

Creating a dedicated practice provides an opportunity to activate a True connection to All of Life. This can be experienced through one form or a set of forms, as a daily routine or a format of support to remember 'on the go'.

If you are seeking a direction, you may find experiencing a 1/2 hr of Qi Gong resonates.

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