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Non-Discrimination & Trauma

There is a deluge of topics in the literature about all levels of pain, power over victimization, suffering, trauma, loss: story after heartbreaking story. Sometimes life gets frozen in those events, & this is understandable. Sometimes life does not want to hear so ignores or denies.

This is my view:

It is important for you to know that you are Welcome, here. I serve life in complete Unity. This Honor resonates from a core of clarity.

Lifetime after lifetime the Soul teaches yet never repeats itself. Through lessons I came here to learn, grow through & Rise-Up to, I unraveled my life tapestry, did my 'work' & chose this pathway.

I am a Spiritual mentor & these words describe the evolution of my Life Story in a nutshell, yet the tangibility of this Honor is humbly with me in every breath & in-between each breath, completely penetrated by Nature.

I made this self-discipline decision to consciously co-create as a Light Bridge. Far too many are separated & choosing a life way of complete duality & never worked for me so I choose another way, a Unity Way.

Be Very Well.