Integrative Nourishing Now


Revitalizing Peace describes our array of services. Deepen your inner balance though our core foundational supports. Our Intuitive Integration aim provides a unique opportunity for self nourishment inside and out.

Vitality is about finding your way home! Balancing: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual, Integrative Nourishing Now offers an array of Wholistic approaches through a Breema® BodyWork perspective and wisdom.

Revitalizing Peace Massage

Gentle, soothing, and deeply relaxing.

1 hr. $65
Add heated stones or essential oils - 1 hr. $85

Touching Your Heart Massage

Looking for a deep healing and nourishing experience? Book 1.5 hr session, supporting your personal transformations.

1.5 hrs. $95

Therapeutic Massage

Whole Body Balancing - 1 hr. $65

CranioSacral or Lymph Drainage - 1 hr. $65

Breema® BodyWork - 1/2 hr. $45

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Sometimes we feel "stuck", or need supportive direction. In sacred space, we enter clarity and tap into our inner well of wisdom-keeping. This gentle journey work may hold a key seed. We can begin to see our aim of choice, learning the directions of releasing extra.

1 hr. $90

Call (541) 430-3821 to book or schedule online.

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