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About Biomagnetism Therapy

Biomagnetism is an internationally practiced health approach, attaining bio-energetic balance, known as "homeostasis". It involves the precise & proper (North/South polarity) placement of special low, 100-500 Gauss magnets over very specific areas of the body, to support the regulation of pH. By maintaining adequate pH, balance is reestablished & the body can better enable the healing process.

When proper pH is present, pathogens cannot survive in that environment. The acidity & alkalinity in various systems of your body matter ! This is not the same as magnet therapy. Biomagnetism is a vibrational phenomena, not related to standard medicine. www.usbiomag.com

American Biomagnetism

*Integrative Modality Session

If you are like many, there are a number of reasons you may be interested in a multi-service approach. Interweaving the Healing-Arts can be an incredible boost forward, providing deep peace, clarity, release, redesigning & profound inner knowing trust. You create the session 'Flow', with your personal sharing & goals of interest. This really is a lovely approach.

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