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About Choice & Thinking

Our key word option is Choice & observing our thoughts. Simply stated, Choice is the power of our intentional thinking, put into action. Choice is about everything that creates our life whether we understand this or not.

The art of creation resides within each one of us. Our aspect to consider then is how Universal Law works. The Laws of physics teach us when we set an intention, it will manifest. When our aim is to respond to life through a self-responsibility lens or self-dicipline, the potential to create clear intentions will begin to show us a Life Shift, a Higher Consciousness Embodiment.

We now live in a 'time' called the Quantum Paradigm. In a thought silent, spoken or written, we are creating the reality by the Power of Manifestation. Because we are vibration & everything in the Universe is vibrating a frequency also, we vibrate thought into matter. It may be a wise decision to observe our thoughts & witness any patterns that may be ready to release. Then with Choice we create a new design.

New Earth = New Heart

Unity is All of Life. This is US, our True Nature realized. Abundant Love is offered here so please continue your journey, awaken & gift back. Nature will show you if you ask. Let your True Shine connection be your offering. Blossom Mindful Clarity.

About Joy Nouri Amara or Tedy

Joy Nouri Amara / Tedy

What inspires me is the Art of being well. This aim comes together, moment by moment, when "I" am aware that my body, mind, & feelings are working together. Moving from mechanical states toward a more unified whole, a taste of I AM.

The atmosphere of sanctuary invites a peaceful venue to envelop this direction overall. Nestled in presence awareness, explore an energetic pathway to optimal well-being. You will find the essence of Integrative Nourishing Now/New Dawn fully alive. We offer a town office & sanctuary atmosphere at 725 SE. Main St., Roseburg OR 97470 & our Homestead sanctuary retreat along Kelly Creek, 741 Anabel, 97447.

Joy Nouri Amara / Tedy

From Ojai, California to Oregon, with over 30 years of teaching & love in working with children, raising two brilliant daughters with my husband, life creating life, Nature nourished guidance within the realizable, Unity of creation, by "Walking Each Other Home".

After years of adjunct training & being a meditation facilitator, I invite you to book a session in town or retreat, feeling for yourself this taste of presence, a revised alchemical freedom towards being whole.

As a Unity Consciousness guide, I am deeply honored to integrate modalities, in order to support your "True Self" remembering. It is nice to know, you are not alone.

Sharing deeper: My essence has inner-twined my life story since birth. As with each one of us, we meander life's journeyworks & I climbed the canyons of 'time & experience'. Awakenings exponentially occured with my training & facilitating, 'The Flower of Life' in the '90s.

I was propelled completely Home, some say into the Heart of God/Universe/Trinity/Jeshua (Yehoshua ben Joseph) into the entirety, beyond 'time'. I tapped & grew into self-witnessing, listening into the experiential which remained continuous, spoken of & not.

Joy Nouri Amara / Tedy

Realizing purpose & gifts I reflected over the decades, I Am a Love Flow from the Heart of Creation. I AM assisted by a multitude of Light Beings & Light Streams who have continued to support transforming my timidity into full potential.

In deeply humbled Trust & Abundant Love, I Trust your journey as equally important. If any services resonate, feel free to connect & Be affirmed.

Training: LMT (Oregon # 7218), CHt, FNTP, EC, BC2, BC3