Integrative Nourishing Now

About Joy Nouri Amara

Joy Nouri Amara / Tedy

What inspires me? The Art of being well. This aim comes together, moment by moment, when "I" am aware that body, mind, and feelings are working together. Moving from mechanical states toward a more unified whole, a taste of I AM.

The atmosphere of sanctuary invites a peaceful venue to envelope this direction overall. Nestled in presence awareness, explore an energetic pathway to optimal wellbeing. We offer massage and more. You will find the essence of Integrative Nourishing Now fully alive. INN offers a town office sanctuary atmosphere at 725 SE. Main St., Roseburg OR 97470.

From Ojai, California to Oregon, with over 30 years of teaching and love, working with children, raising two brilliant daughters with my husband, life creating life, Nature nourished guidance within the realizable, Unity of creation, by "Walking Each Other Home".

Joy Nouri Amara / Tedy

After years of adjunct training and being a meditation facilitator, I invite you into retreat, feeling for yourself this taste of presence, a revised alchemical freedom towards being whole.

As a Unity Consciousness guide, a Life Coach, I am deeply honored to interweave modalities, in order to support your "True Self" remembering. It is nice to know, you are not alone.

Training: LMT (Oregon # 7218), CHt, FNTP, CBT, ECCP, BCCP