Harmony With Existence

Integrative Nourishing Now

Joy Nouri Amara

Tools for Self & Global Transformation

Introducing virtual appointment sessions.

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Welcome to our New Earth Era Cycle of Peace. Here at 'InnerWeaving', it is my pleasure to offer opportunities that support a myriad of service approaches. These include virtual as well as in office sessions.

This array of possibilities creates a sacred allowance of space for each persons' Heart/Soul goals/intentions to move into the flourishing nature of pure potential. Unity consciousness is our new direction into balance.

When we agree to take steps that assist us to look & feel deeper inside from presence awareness, we begin to shift our life intentions. Past conditioned belief constructs morph into mirror Heart Passion clarities. Trusting this process, synchronicities show us 'miracles are natural'. Our view & willingness remains our 'Key'.

'All droplets are Welcome in the ocean ... Spirit is the ocean; we are the droplets'. Beginning with a Body – Mind connection, this Grounded atmosphere, allows a new direction for growth, recalibrating & returning Home, your True Nature.

"My mission is to empower life to see, feel, breathe & know tangible shift in alignments that build resilience while awakening one's remembering of our Unified Whole."

The integrative approach incorporated here encompasses:


We are fortunate to live in a time when science is focused on health through prevention & expanded understanding of real needs. This quantum paradigm expedites huge intentional leaps forward.

Your birthright is balance & when we 'Come Out of the Mind & Into this Moment', the availability to Body-Mind connection softens emotions. This possibility allows presence awareness to enter, creating an atmosphere of inspiration in Spirt Flow. As we continue with this taste the Heart opens, while easing an inner & outer relationship toward life.